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Corporate Finance 

Banking and FinanceCorporate Loans, Commercial Loans, Small Business Loans

ISG Insurance member firms play a pivotal role in helping clients to secure finance from the most appropriate sources. With expertise helping firms of all sizes and from myriad industries, ISG Insurance helps companies to prepare effective pitches and to get to meet with those that matter.

With our long-established connections to private equity firms and our reputation for partnering only with reputable projects, ISG Insurance are ideally placed to assist, whether with a new venture of when seeing capital for the purposes of expansion.

Cash flow forecasts are necessary to measure your business's health and progress. ISG Insurance member firms compile such reports worldwide on a daily basis; moreover, realistic financial projections are essential when looking to obtain funding and ISG Insurance can help you to consider the intricate details and often overlooked elements of projections to ensure you are in the best position moving forward.

Writing a business plan requires very specific information to be presented in a very specific manner. Your business plan not only helps you to plan for the future, but also allows possible funders to get a feel for how realistic your ambitions are and how likely they are to be successful. A business plan is an essential part of setting up a business and it has to be done right. Thankfully, ISG Insurance member firms have assisted in the preparation of a countless number of such plans and are here to help you, too.

From the initial visualization stage, right through to getting funded and registered, ISG Insurance is here to ensure that the process is as smooth and painless as possible. Choosing the right information to put into a business plan requires a lot of thought, planning and research and we are here to help with that at every stage of the process, whatever the venture, location, industry or size of the project.

Business valuation is an essential part of corporate decision making in today's fast-paced business world. Value is based on a company's assets and financial circumstances. ISG Insurance has a global team of business valuators focusing on our clients' needs and presenting information in a clear, easy to understand way that helps clients to understand the often-complicated computations that make up business valuations

Business Solutions

Whether you are looking for support in a particular area such as payroll, or want to produce better management accounts or forecasts, ISG Insurance firms have a business solution for you.

ISG Insurance Firms understand that not every business has the resources available to carry out all of its business and accounting management functions.  They can provide you with an outsourced service including book-keeping, management reporting, payroll processing, budgeting & forecasting and additional onsite support as required.

We also know just how important it is to have peace of mind that everything is being kept up to date and in control. Good quality record keeping can ensure that you are informed about your business, helping you to manage cash flow effectively and control commitments.

Timely management information is a key part of ensuring that you are able to run your business effectively.  By reviewing performance against the relevant indicators and budgets we can provide you with the tools you need to support decision making.

ISG Insurance Firms can provide outsourcing solutions in the following areas:

  • Accounting systems implementation, support and advice

  • Bookkeeping, production of management accounts and management information packs

  • Budgets, forecasts and financial modelling

  • Business planning and fundraising

  • Strategic planning advice

  • HR and employment advice

  • Payroll

  • VAT advice

Oil and Gas 

As a global business the Oil & Gas sector demands the latest technology and innovations to access remote reserves

In the service sector there is a supply chain aligned and ready to support exploration, drilling and production operations.  Working globally, international taxes, expat tax, VAT planning and compliance all need to be addressed - all challenges the Oil & Gas sector faces around funding of working capital, growth and new product development.

From well known international businesses through to start-up technology and development companies, we can help with:

  • Audit

  • Insurance 

  • Tax planning

  • VAT issues

  • Fund raising

  • Exit strategies

  • Transactions support / corporate finance

  • Personal tax

  • Corporate tax

  • Wealth management | Insurance 

  • Employee benefits | Insurance 

  • Management reporting systems

  • Outsourcing

  • International tax services

  • Accessing Global Networks

Unfamiliar laws, regulations, local customs, language barriers - all overwhelming factors when entering new markets.

Our International Tax Practice and Tax specialists will assess your international tax position from a global perspective.

Our international services include:

  • Implementation of tax efficient international tax structures

  • Tax planning for inward and outward investments

  • Local country permanent establishment assistance

  • Withholding tax planning

  • Advice on type of legal entity

  • Financial reporting of tax provisions

  • Foreign tax credit planning and double tax relief

  • Contracts review from a tax perspective

  • Controlled foreign company planning

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