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Our mission is to help commercial growers and agribusinesses reduce climate risk.

Commercial Growers want to manage their risk to climate change, unpredictable weather and natural disasters. Unexpected weather can reduce yield quantity in a given season, causing loss of revenue, difficulty repaying loans, or insolvency.

Agribusinesses seek a hedge against loan defaults due to weather-related harvest shortfalls. We can provide a simple and transparent insurance product that allows them to protect their loan-books against weather forces outside their control, especially as climate risk has been intensifying in the last years.

We design superior insurance products through technology


Introducing CropAssure

Hyper-local parametric crop insurance for any crop, any weather risk, anywhere.


  • Tell us your crop, locations, and the perils that matter most. We produce an insurance quote and amount of coverage, underwritten by a WorldCover network partner, delivered to you in realtime on our beautiful web portal called RiskAssist.

  • We use satellites to monitor the rainfall and trigger payouts automatically.

  • New technologies enable us to distribute our product efficiently and maximize our customers' benefits from being a WorldCover farmer.


We design our insurance with:

  • Simplicity, using low data requirements and clear policy terms that will lead to payouts in case of bad weather and can be monitored in real-time on our RiskAssist web portal

  • Flexibility, allowing our customers to select specific risks to cover, so they only pay for risks they are worrying about

  • Affordability, with no claims, field visits or paperwork required to receive your payout

  • Agronomic-based policies, that use the latest research to recommend exactly which weather events can lead to the greatest damage to your harvest

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