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Enforcement Branch Overview

The Enforcement Branch of the Department of Insurance is the investigative body for the department. This branch consists of the Fraud Division and the Investigation Division. 


"To protect the public from economic loss and distress by actively investigating, arresting, and referring, for prosecution or other adjudication, those who commit insurance fraud and other violations of law; to reduce the overall incidence of insurance fraud and consumer abuse through anti-fraud outreach and training to the public, private, and governmental sectors."

To accomplish this mission, the Enforcement Branch investigates criminal and regulatory violations relating to insurance transactions from point-of-sale through the claims process. In addition, the Enforcement Branch administers five grant programs that provide funding to county district attorney offices to assist with their efforts to investigate and prosecute insurance fraud. Fraud Division administers four of the five grant programs:  Automobile Insurance Fraud, Organized Automobile Fraud Activity Interdiction; Disability and Healthcare Fraud, and Workers' Compensation Insurance Fraud. Investigation Division administers the Life and Annuity Consumer Protection Program.

The Enforcement Branch also provides a wide array of public awareness through liaison and educational materials. The Department's overall goal is to advance communications that will help consumers understand insurance fraud and create stronger deterrence through public awareness.

The following are examples of the outreach activities: 

  • Public Web Site

  • Community Forums

  • Press Releases

  • Multimedia:  On Demand Videos includes

    • Public Service Announcements

    • Press Conferences

    • Public Meetings, Hearings, and Forums

  • Industry Liaison

  • Governmental Liaison

  • Grant Workshops for County District Attorney's Offices

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