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Financial Litigation

ISG Insurance is recognised internationally as the premier Banking & Finance law firm in the East Africa, Germany and Netherlands with unparalled market insight. Our in-depth knowledge of the financial markets gives us an edge over our peers.

ISG Insurance is recognized internationally as a leader in disputes associated with financial products, observing duty of care, prospectus liability, fraud, enforcement by regulatory bodies, and collective claims and settlements.

Preventing, resolving, or settling disputes

ISG Insurance acts on behalf of many international banks, insurers and other financial institutions as an adviser in preventing, resolving and settling disputes. Given our background we are often engaged to act for the defendant, however we also regularly represent the plaintiff in such matters.

Managing and minimising pressure and uncertainty

By working closely with our clients, we can minimise pressure and uncertainty significantly, both in terms of the solution and the path towards it. Our strategy is geared to this: we will pursue aggressive action where necessary, and negotiate when most conducive to the desired result.

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