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ISG Insurance offers a range of Safe Deposit Box and Bullion Safe services. Our highly secure facilities are built to the most stringent security standards to ensure the safe storage of the things that matter to you.

From small safe deposit boxes for sentimental possessions to large bullion safe solutions for large scale investments, we can offer you complete peace of mind.


It takes a great deal of resources, due diligence and understanding of the safe custody industry to purpose build a facility such as ISG Vaults. Entering an industry historically dominated by the banks, ISG Vaults was determined to surpass the existing levels of security offered.

Our Vault Walls, Floors and Ceilings have been constructed and designed to ensure all the vaults are secured to a Grade XII rating and to meet Class A Type 1 Installation, where the highest level of security is mandated and tested by ASIO T4. Our Vault Doors alone are weighted up to 4.5 tonne.

All customers must be registered to access the facility through a triad gateway including a biometric hand reading, digital photograph and unique pin code. If this information cannot be verified, access is denied.

Guardian Vaults has invested significantly in physical and electronic security measures to provide the ultimate sophistication in protecting assets and valuables. Some features and measures cannot be revealed.

Our facilities are secured by:

  •  Seismic Detectors

  •  Passive Infrared Sensors

  •  24/7 Video Surveillance

  •  Independent Monitoring and Mobile Response

  •  UL3 rated Vault Doors and Grade XII rated Vault Walls

  •  Bullet-Resistant Guard Rooms and Airlocks

  •  Biometric Hand Scanning

  •  Digital Photo Recognition

  •  Individual Pin Codes

  •  On-site Security Guards


ISG Vaults largest privately owned safe custody facility independent of the banking system and financial institutions.

For more than a decade, Valot Vaults has been the leading provider for safe deposit boxes and allocated bullion storage, and remains Europe,East Africa (Uganda, kenya, Tanzania)  first choice. As the first of its kind in East Africa to ever open, ISG Vaults set the standard and tone to be the highest quality in security available to clients.

With facilities in East africa and Europe and an unblemished reputation; our unique offering of gold and silver procurement, secure storage and insurance, ISG Vaults provides you with a solution not offered by anyone else.

The team at ISG Vaults are committed to conducting business with honesty, respect, integrity and professionalism. 

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