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Whether private or public, safeguarding school property is essential for continuity in providing education services. Insurance shouldn’t be considered as a liability but as a vital tool in the control of finances. ISG Insurance will ensure educational premises such as playgrounds, classes, laboratories and dorms are covered against loss or damage to property thus no disruption in learning. All staff as well as third party liabilities get covered against accidents and diseases .

This policy protects against;

  • Fire and perils

  • Burglary insurance whereby property and school items like office and class furniture are insured against loss or damage arising from forcible and violent entry and/or exit to the schools.

  • Staff where the policy provides teaching and non-teaching staff with insurance. This insurance covers against accidental injury leading to medical expenses, physical injury, death or disablement which is provided on a 24-hour basis.

  • Public liability whereby it is designed to cover legal liability claims arising from third parties in connection with the school’s premises.

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