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isg two-wheeler insurance

Two-wheeler Insurance

When it’s just you, your bike and memorable journeys, life’s possibilities are just about immeasurable. That’s why our two-wheeler insurance works hard to protect you against financial losses. No matter what type of motorcycle or scooter you own, a free online insurance quote from us could help you save money on a new policy. Insuring your vehicle is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Buy ISG bike Insurance instantly and avoid paying a penalty. You can turn to us for comprehensive coverage and affordable insurance rates.

Buy/Renew Bike Insurance Online in Simple Steps

With the number of two-wheelers increasing rapidly every day, there may be a chance of an accident leading to financial losses. Just like any other insurance coverage such as health or property, bike insurance also covers financial losses sustained by the policyholder. As per law, Third-party insurance for bikes is mandatory in ISG bike offers Third-party Liability and Comprehensive insurance policies for two-wheelers. While the Third-party plan covers liabilities to third parties, the Comprehensive plan covers liabilities to both the third party and the policyholder. Both types of bike insurance plans are available online. Learn how to buy or renew bike insurance online in simple and easy steps.

How ISG Bike Insurance Works

To buy or renew your bike insurance online, follow the below steps:

Step 1:Select your bike (e.g. Honda Activa 125cc).

Step 2:Enter the purchase date of the bike (e.g. 2020).

Step 3:Select if your existing bike insurance has expired or not.

Step 4:Click on 'View Prices' and you can view different plans or your bike.

Importance of Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Apart from the fact that bike insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, two-wheeler insurance also acts as a contract between you and the insurance provider. The policy provides financial security in case of third-party liabilities caused due to damages or injuries arising out of an accident.Two-wheeler insurance also covers Own Damage (OD) through the Comprehensive Insurance Policy. It covers physical damage or loss to your vehicle. Such physical damages or loss can be due to accidental collisions, natural calamities, fire, sabotage or even theft. Hence, for your own safety and as per law, you must buy a bike insurance policy which protects both the vehicle and the policyholder.

Why ISG Two-Wheeler Insurance

Reasons why ISG bike insurance is the perfect financial cover for your two-wheeler:

Trusted by 4.5 crore Indians.

Rated highly with 95% 5-star ratings by customers.

No middlemen involved.

Incredibly low premium amount.

Certified and licensed by the IRDAI (Reg. No.157).

Cashless claims.

Instant renewal process.

Paperless transaction.

Zero-Hassle claims.

Two-minutes to get your policy document to your email account.

Types of Bike Insurance

Two-wheeler insurance is broadly categorised into Third-Party and Comprehensive insurance policies. Below are the details of both type of bike insurance policies:

Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

Apart from third party liabilities, this type of bike insurance covers damages to your vehicle as well. Such damages include collisions, theft, natural calamities, and even fire. This is not mandated by law.

Third-Party Bike Insurance

This type of insurance covers only third party liability arising due to collisions. This is mandated by law.

Understanding Features of Bike Insurance

Features of two-wheeler insurance depend on the type of insurance you have availed. The features of Third-Party and Comprehensive motor insurance differ. Below are the benefits of bike insurance:

Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

Along with Third-Party liabilities, Own Damage (OD) is covered.

Coverage against theft, damages or sabotage due to natural calamities or fire.

Not mandated by law.

Third-Party Bike Insurance

Insurance against third party risks.

Mandated as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Failure to insure your bike with Third-Party insurance attracts penalty and / or imprisonment.

Covers legal liabilities of the policyholder in case of mishaps.

Benefits of Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Online

Below are the main benefits of purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy online:

Compare prices and features of bike insurance policies easily.

Calculate your two-wheeler insurance policy premium online.

Renew insurance instantly.

Receive the policy document instantly to your email account.

Register claims online.

Pay via several payment options.

Compare different Comprehensive insurance plans.

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