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Travel Accident
​ Annual travel insurance

Traveling is a happy occasion. Until things go wrong. Travel insurance keeps you happy when things go wrong.


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Why is there a need for travel insurance?

Imagine the following.

You have planned for months. Air tickets are booked. Accommodations are booked. You are ready to set off for your dream trip. What if the following were to happen just before your trip:

  • The travel agency which you have booked the trip has closed down.

  • Emergencies happen at home (for e.g. critical illnesses) that you need to cancel your trip.

What if nothing has happened before the trip? You have reached your destination safely. The following could still happen:

  • Loss or damage to personal belongings, such as your baggage/camera/laptop/tablet.

  • Loss of cash due to theft or robbery.

  • Food poisoning, and as a result incur medical expenses.

  • Delay in flights, resulting in additional expenses.

This is where travel insurance comes into place. While we cannot guarantee that none of the above happens, we can guarantee that if it do happen, we are there to help.

At ISG, we will help you to deal with the insurance company on the claims so that you can concentrate your attention on what matters!


Features of our Travel Insurance

We are the agent for QBE Travel Insurance. Our plans (Individuals/Family, Annual/Single) coverage as follows:

Personal Covers

  • Follow-up treatment in Singapore within 31 days from return date;

  • For treatment sought in Singapore within 7 days after return, and up to 31 days for follow-up treatment if treatment is not first sought overseas;

  • Compassionate visit by a relative/friend;

  • Child protection

Inconvenience Covers

  • Baggage and personal effects;

  • Baggage delay;

  • Loss or theft of money or travel documents;

  • Loss of deposit & cancellation charges including curtailment expenses;

  • Travel delay & missed connection;

  • Overbooked flight;

  • Personal liability;

  • Loss of use of hotel facilities;

Please click here for more information on the coverage.


Click here to receive quotations and purchase our travel insurance.

Travel Medical

Travel medical insurance provides emergency medical coverage when you are outside your home country.

It is also known as Travel Health Insurance, International Medical Insurance, and International Travel Insurance.

It provides coverage for medical emergencies, accidents, emergency evacuations, and repatriation. In many cases, travel medical plans include comprehensive-style benefits, but those benefits are often limited; this type of travel insurance plan focuses on medical and evacuation coverage.

Travel Medical plans are ideal for

  • Travelers leaving their home country (the U.S. and non-U.S. citizens)

  • Vacations abroad

  • Business trips abroad

  • Long-term work or study abroad

  • Expats living in a foreign country

Read more about travel medical insurance plans.

Evacuation (Medi premium)

Medical evacuation, or Medi premium, plans provide coverage for emergency medical evacuations and international security evacuations.

These plans focus on emergency evacuation services to take you to the nearest hospital or return home.

Medi premium plans are ideal for

  • Cruise travelers with health insurance coverage

  • Vacations in a foreign country

  • Travelers visiting remote locations

  • Any traveler concerned with emergency medical evacuation costs

Read more about travel medical evacuation insurance plans.

Travel Accident

Travel accident plans provide international accident protection and term life benefits for frequent travelers.

This type of plan focuses on AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment) and term life insurance benefits that are in effect while the insured is traveling on an insured trip or during their annual coverage period, depending on their plan.

Travel Accident plans are ideal for

  • Any traveler concerned about having life insurance and AD&D

Read more about travel accident insurance plans.

Annual travel insurance

Annual travel insurance plans are more common than you think and useful because they provide a variety of coverages in one convenient plan that covers you for an entire year’s worth of trips.

Frequent travelers, traveling academics, business travelers, and even retirees who travel often like the simplicity of having the same coverage all year long.

Annual plans are ideal for

  • Frequent travelers

  • Business travelers

  • Any traveler with multiple trips per year

Read more about annual travel insurance plans.

Specialty Plans

Specialty travel insurance plans are those that cover one-off needs like car rental, term life, and other types of coverage that fill in the gaps between what the traveler already has available to them back home.

Specialty plans are ideal for

  • Corporate Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion coverage

  • Car rental collision and road trip coverage

  • Term life insurance coverage

  • Medical tourism coverage

  • Any traveler concerned with a specific travel risk

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